• Basic cosmetics supporting to the anti-oxidant and anti-aging
  • Undiluted solution serum
  • Nano-materials, functional cosmetics with a low molecular weight material


  • The blemish and wrinkle care cosmetics which a doctor prescribed
  • Firming and sagging measures cosmetics
  • Advanced synergistic whitening cosmetics


  • Quasi drug-centered scalp care products


  • Amino acid-based hair care products
    (Shampoo,Conditioner,Treatment etc)
  • Shampoo washable from hair to body
  • UV care products
  • Liquid face-wash to self-foaming


  • Care of horny substance
  • Eyes care
  • Examination of import cosmetics and finishing

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturing, and focuses on providing a one stop shop for customers to receive efficient and thorough support which is crucial to establishing a successful product line.

We provide our professional and experienced industry expert service to every cosmetics idea that you may have, and never turn down an opportunity to make your dreams come true.

Our passion is to satisfy all domestic and international requirements for both domestic and international companies, no matter how complicated they may be. In addition, we strive to always provide the most excellent kind of customer services that can't be found anywhere else.

Exploring the new innovative possibilities within our the industry with our customers is what we look forward to each day. Please feel free to contact our professional and friendly members at OEM Cosmetics today for a consultation to get your ideas turned into a successful product.

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