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“Reliable, Capable, Flexible”
At OEM, we do our best to help our clients create the cosmetic products they dream of.
For that, we make sure that we always have the widest product range and are open for new ideas and challenges.

OEM Co., Ltd. is a cosmetic contract manufacturing (private label) company located in Tokyo, Japan. Anti-wrinkle and anti-smudge products(serums, creams, etc.), acne care products, anti-oxidation and anti-aging products (skin lotions, serums, etc.), hair care / body care products (shampoos, treatments, hair restorers, etc.) We provide cosmetic products and quasi-drugs with `Made in Japan` quality. Organic products, vegan products, halal products and many others. Please feel free to contact us for anything regarding cosmetics.

Chairman Hidetsugu Karatoshima

Seven strengths of OEM Co., Ltd.

[1] We undertake planning, development, bulk manufacturing, and container arrangements in one stop according to the concept. [2] We can arrange documents related to overseas export , make various applications, and handle transportation to overseas.
[3] We can manufacture various kinds of products from basic cosmetics to makeup, hair care, supplements, etc. .
[4] We can also handle small lots .
[5] We manufacture a number of hit products .
[6] It supports various channels from drug store to dermatology .
[7] Support for new cosmetics business We have a track record.

  • Company Profile

    Company Profile

    “OEM Co., Ltd. Company Profile”

  • Major Domestic Business Partners

    Major Domestic Business Partners

    "OEM Co., Ltd.'s main domestic business partners"

  • Overseas Partners

    Overseas Partners

    "OEM's main overseas partners and clients"

  • Factory equipment

    Factory equipment

    "Introduction of OEM's factory equipment"

  • Chaga Hair Growth Lab.

    Chaga Hair Growth Lab.

    ”新素材チャーガの研究「スヴェンソン チャーガ育毛ラボ」”

Cosmetic OEM Lab

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