An Overlook of Eyelash Serum OEM in Japan

Due to the covid-19 outbreak, people showed a tendency to pay extra attention to the parts of the face that are not covered by a mask.

Eyelash care and makeup were no exception to this in the Japanese cosmetics market. In this article, we will try to take a close look at eyelash serum OEM in Japan for those who are interested in developing their own brand.

Types of Eyelash Serum OEM Products in Japan

As a beginning, we would like to explain what sort of eyelash serums are generally accepted in the Japanese cosmetics market.

Mascara Type

These are serums that come in similar containers as mascaras, including the stick brushes attached to them.

Their biggest advantage is the ease of use.

Round Tip Type

These are the ones that differ from the mascara type by the tip of the stick as they are often cotton or silicon instead of a brush.

This type of container makes it easier to apply the liquid on the hair roots in comparison to the mascara type.

Pen Type

These look a lot like liquid eyeliners. They are very practical and have a similar feel to the round tip type.

Tube Type

These are the least practical ones since it is required to use a hand or an external tool to apply it.

They are close to eye creams since they have a creamy texture and can also be used for the eye area.

Process of Eyelash Serum OEM in Japan

In this section, we will briefly explain the steps to manufacture your own eyelash serum OEM product in Japan.

1 – Hearing and Offer

First, you will need to consult OEM companies in Japan. It would be best if you gave them solid details regarding what type of product you want to create in order to get thorough assistance.

OEM companies will share their suggestions based on your needs as well as sharing details about current trends in the market etc.

2 – R&D Process

Once initial details are settled, there comes the R&D process.

Assuming the formulation is an original one, the OEM company will proceed to prototype production.

This process will also include packaging materials as well.

3 – Formulation Determination

Prototype production may be repeated a couple of times until both parties reach an agreement on the formulation.

4 – Quotation

After every detail regarding the formulation and the product packaging is settled, a decisive quotation is issued by the manufacturer.

5 – Production

Production takes start once both parties agree on the specifications and the price.

In Japan standards, typically, the production period for a product varies from 2 to 4 months depending on the product.

2 Key Points to Succeed with Your Eyelash Serum OEM Product

We will be breaking down the 2 key points we believe is important when developing your own eyelash serum OEM product with a Japanese company.

Their Experience in Eyelash Serum Production

The more experienced a company is the more likely they are to manufacture the product you have in mind. Also, an experienced company will be able to give you insights and advice throughout the process.

We recommend working with companies that are experienced in this field to minimize the risks that come with manufacturing a new product.

Their Inventory of Ingredients

Different ingredients come with different effects.

This is why it is important that you decide what sort of effects and ingredients you want your product to have as much as possible.

If you know the details to some extent, in the beginning, it will be easier to know whether or not that OEM company is a suitable partner for you.


In this article, we discussed types of eyelash serum OEM products in Japan and the general production process then moved on to the 2 key points we believe are important when teaming up with a Japanese OEM company.

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