An Overlook of Skin Care OEM in Japan

Skin care has always been the main focus in Japan. This is why when the word ‘cosmetics’ is pronounced, ‘skin care’ products are the first thing to blossom in the minds of Japanese people.

In this article, we will be explaining about general categories of skin care OEM products in Japan and provide a couple of key points in choosing a Japanese OEM partner.

Skin Care OEM Products You Can Manufacture in Japan

Skin care products are cosmetics that are meant to help the skin become healthier and firmer.

They mainly consist of water or oil-based ingredients, surfactants, base ingredients, and a set of active ingredients that vary from product to product.

Skin care products could be broken down into 7 different categories, based on the Japanese cosmetic tradition.

Main Categories of Skin Care Products
  1. Cleansing
  2. Face wash
  3. Lotion
  4. Milk
  5. Cream
  6. Serum
  7. Face pack

 1. Cleansing

Type Features


Rich in oils. Leaves a strong moist feeling after use.


Leaves a more refreshing feeling after use compared to cream type.

Having a weak cleansing effect makes it more suitable for natural products.


Has to be applied via a cotton pad.


Can be used with wet hands. The cleansing effect is strong.

2.Face wash

Type Features


Foams well. Has a strong detergency effect.

Leaves a firm feeling on the skin after use.


Easy to use and foams well. Various formulation options from alkaline to weak acids.


Has a liquid structure that comes out as foam with the help of foamer bottles.

Very practical and easy to use due to not having to foam it up before applying.


Makes it possible to use papain and enzymes that activate when melted in water.


Type Features

Soft lotion

Most common type of lotions.

Contains moisturizing components that soften the skin and keep it moisturized.


Astringent lotion

It has an astringent effect and a sebum secretion prevention effect.

Leaves a fresh feeling due to alcohol inclusion.

Wipe off lotion

Used to wipe off oil remaining on the skin after cleansing and remove unwanted dead skin.


It falls in the middle of a lotion and cream in terms of texture. It provides the skin a good balance of water and oil-based ingredients.

There are daytime and nighttime milks, daytime milks often containing UV blocking components.

5. Cream

Creams contain significantly more oil-based components than milks.

Due to their manufacturing process containing emulsifying, they are easier to hold various different types of ingredients. This makes them the most common option for high-grade products.

6. Serum

Consumers have a tendency to trust serums in terms of efficacy. Generally, liquid-formed products that are rich in active ingredients are called serums.

However, since there is no legal definition of this category, manufacturers have the freedom to name any sort of liquid-formed skin care products as serums.

7. Face pack

Type Feature

Sheet pack

It can be used for various purposes such as moisturizing and whitening.

Peel off pack

It has a peeling effect that enables the user to remove unwanted dead skin.

Key Points of Choosing a Japanese Skin Care OEM Partner

Choosing an OEM partner has its difficulties. The number of these difficulties increases quite a bit when you are a company from abroad that tries to work with a Japanese manufacturer.

These are the 2 points we think are the most important:

Point 1: Do they have the ability to manufacture different types of skin care products?

There are many different types of skin care products, as already discussed in this article.

As there are companies who are able to manufacture almost anything, there are also those that specialize in specific fields.

If you are looking to develop a line of different types of products in the future, we recommend you start working with a versatile company as depending on multiple manufacturers might be a lot less convenient.

Point 2:  Are they flexible and willing to take on challenges?

If you value originality and require to manufacture uncommon formulations or packaging in the present or future, we recommend you make sure the manufacturer is willing to do their best to deliver that.

For further information regarding how to choose an OEM partner in Japan, please take a look at our article below:

Our Strength as a Japanese Skin Care OEM Partner

In OEM Co., Ltd., we have years of experience in manufacturing various types of cosmetics.

Being a fabless manufacturer, we are able to choose from a number of different manufacturers depending on the product demanded.

Also, we take pride in our flexibility and responsiveness that enable us to help our clients create their products as they wish it.


In this article, we tried to explain the concept and categorization of skin care in Japan. Then, we proceeded to present to you the 2 key points we believe are important when choosing a skin care OEM partner in Japan.

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