Men’s Cosmetics OEM: Product Types and Manufacturing Process

The market for men’s cosmetics might look insignificant in comparison to women’s. However, it has been growing rapidly and is thought to hold a great growth potential within the next decade.

Still, it is a fact that it is rather insignificant in areas other than hair care shaving-related products.

In this article, we will briefly explain the categories of cosmetic products designed for men and cover the steps one needs to take in order to produce these products in Japan.

What is Men’s Cosmetics OEM About?

Men’s cosmetics is a climbing trend all over the world and cosmetic OEM companies are aware of this as well.

This is also relevant in Japan. Not all companies are proactively marketing their men specified formulations but a vast majority of them will be eager to manufacture them when requested.

So, what makes a product for men? How are they different than regular cosmetic products that are aimed at women?

To understand this, it is necessary to understand the difference between men’s skin and women’s skin.

Generally speaking, men have thicker and oilier yet less hydrant skins than women.  In addition, the amount of water evaporation on a men’s skin doubles the amount that of a womans’.

Lifestyle is also another important factor. This is subjective but men tend to be less caring of their skin condition and they are not as eager to avoid direct sunlight.

That most men shave their beards also adds a burden on their skin.

On the other hand, women generally have thinner skins, less oily and more hydrant.

Categories of Men’s Cosmetics OEM

We will divide men’s cosmetics OEM products into 4 main categories.

1 – Skin Care Products

These are products like lotions, milks or masks that are meant to help make the skin better. They tend to have different ingredients than women’s products, as they are tailored for men’s skin.

2 – Hair Care & Scalp Care Products

As many men tend to be dealing with some degree of hair loss with advancing age, or deeply care about the appearance of their hair, these products are the strongest and most popular amongst men’s cosmetics.

3 – Body Care Products

Main examples of this category would be body soaps, body shampoos, hair removers, UV creams, etc.

4 – Makeup Products

It is hard to imagine that men commonly wear makeup the way women do, as it surely does not look like it. However, BB creams and concealers are a lot more common than most people make out them to be.

Process of Men’s Cosmetics OEM

We will be explaining the general process to manufacture men’s cosmetics in Japan.

1 – Hearing and Offer

First, you will need to consult OEM companies in Japan. It would be best if you gave them solid details regarding what type of product you want to create in order to get thorough assistance.

OEM companies will share their suggestions based on your needs as well as sharing details about current trends in the market etc.

2 – R&D Process

Once initial details are settled, there comes the R&D process.

Assuming the formulation is an original one, the OEM company will proceed to prototype production.

This process will also include packaging materials as well.

3 – Formulation Determination

Prototype production may be repeated a couple of times until both parties reach an agreement on the formulation.

4 – Quotation

After every detail regarding the formulation and the product packaging is settled, a decisive quotation is issued by the manufacturer.

5 – Production

Production takes start once both parties agree on the specifications and the price.

In Japan standards, typically, the production period for a product varies from 2 to 4 months depending on the product.


In this article, we briefly discussed the general features and types of cosmetic products for men and went on to explain the general process to produce them in partnership with a Japanese OEM.

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