Everything about Creating Your Own Shampoo with OEM in Japan

Shampoos are one of those products that are consumed by everyone with an everlasting demand as it is a toiletry product we all need for hygiene reasons. In this article, we will take a deep dive into the process of creating one’s own shampoo with OEM.

Producing Shampoos with OEM in Japan

What is the process to create your own shampoo with OEM in Japan? In short, it is not any different than any other cosmetic product.

First, you will need to find companies that manufacture shampoos and see if they can offer what you are looking for.

Most companies will offer samples and prototypes without any fees. It is both possible to pick an off-the-shelf formulation or create an original one from scratch.

Types of Shampoo OEM in Japan

Even though shampoos are daily products everyone uses, different people have different expectations from them based on their hair type, scalp or hair problems, and their likings.

Let’s take a look at different types of shampoos.

Shampoo types based on the formulation

These are 3 different types of formulation bases used to form shampoos.

3 Shampoo Bases
  1. 1. Soap type shampoos
  2. 2. Higher alcohol type shampoos
  3. 3. Amino acid type shampoos

1.  Soap type shampoos

These are the formulations that use cleaning ingredients such as fatty acid potassium or sodium. As these are simple formulations, they are favored by people who prefer natural-like formulations, however, their detergency level can be too high for many people.

2. Higher alcohol type shampoos

These are shampoos that contain higher alcohols such as Ammonium Laureth Sulfate or Sodium Laureth Sulfate. As a matter of fact, most products in the market fall in this category as these are cheaper to manufacture while having great detergency and foaming properties.

However, being a petroleum-based surfactant, they can be too strong for some skins and not appealing to people who have a tendency for natural formulations.

3. Amino acid type shampoos

These formulations use amino acids such as TEA-Cocoyl Glutamate and Sodium Lauroyl Methylaminopropionate as detergency ingredients. As amino acids are compounds of the proteins that form the human body, they have good chemistry with it.

As they are not too strong as detergents and do not wash away necessary oils on the scalp, they are preferred by many people.

However, the downside is that they are considerably more expensive to produce compared to the other 2 types.

Shampoo types based on the effect

Up until this point, we talked about different types of shampoos based on formulation bases. Now, we will take a look at different shampoo types based on effects and purposes.

  1. 1. Scalp shampoos
  2. 2. Non-silicon shampoos
  3. 3. Additive-free shampoos
  4. 4. Organic shampoos
  5. 5. Dry shampoos
  6. 6. Pet shampoos

1. Scalp shampoos

Shampoos that mainly contain plant-derived surfactants are often marketed as scalp shampoos, as they are meant for scalp care.

As these formulations are thought to help with hair growth and curbing hair loss, people with these concerns tend to buy those.

2. Non-silicon shampoos

As obvious as it is, these are shampoos that do not contain silicon. As natural ingredients are mainly used, people who have a tendency for natural products often prefer these shampoos. However, their downside is their lack of moisturizing properties which is the reason why they are not preferred by many people.

3. Additive-free shampoos

In Japan, as of today, a total of 102 cosmetic ingredients are classified as “designated ingredients” and products that are free of all are marketed as “additive-free”.

As these formulations do not contain any ingredients that are likely to cause allergies or irritation, they are often preferred by people with sensitive skins.

4. Organic shampoos

Ingredients that were produced by organic cultivation or called organic ingredients. The fragrance used in these formulations is also natural and a moisturizing effect is provided with plant oils.

However, organic certification is required in order to market a product as organic, which needs the product going under investigations and tests that come at big costs.

5. Dry shampoos

Dry shampoos are shampoos that do not require washing or rinsing.

The purpose is to clean the hair and the scalp by spraying the shampoo on the head and massaging it, then remove it with the use of a paper towel.

It is hard to imagine that they would replace regular shampoos but they might come in handy at times of water outage or when the person cannot shower due to physical limitations.

Also, there are people who keep them for emergencies when they are in a hurry and cannot take a shower.

6. Pet shampoos

Mostly being shampoos for dogs, the demand for these shampoos has actually been increasing constantly.

It is thought that human shampoos can be irritating to dog skin as their skins are surprisingly thinner than that of humans.

There can also be found different shampoos for different dog breeds, as well as organic or non-silicon formulations in the market.

Low MOQ Shampoo OEM Production in Japan

Shampoos differ from regular skincare products with their higher volume per unit which allows them to be manufactured in relatively smaller quantities.

It is common to see manufacturers take orders from 500 pcs of 500ml shampoos. However, the price does tend to be quite high and packaging options become very limited.

Economic quantities are no different than skincare products. Shampoo OEM costs drop significantly when the quantity is 3,000 pcs with much wider options of packaging materials.

For clients that have established sales channels, we recommend this quantity for cost management however, we do understand 3,000 pcs can be quite a lot for most people.

For our clients who are new in the market or have limited sales channels, we do our best to offer reasonable prices for small quantities as well.

Cost of Shampoo OEM in Japan

Let’s take a look at OEM general costs of shampoo OEM production in Japan.

Quantity 1,000 3,000 10,000
150ml JPY640 JPY540 JPY480
250ml JPY740 JPY610 JPY440
500ml JPY940 JPY790 JPY660

*These prices are based on basic formulations. Prices differ based on product specifications.

3 Reasons to Trust Us with Your Shampoo OEM Product

Now, we would like to tell you why we think we could be a good business partner for the development of your shampoo OEM product.

1 – Wide portfolio of hair care products

Without being limited to shampoos, we have a long and deep history with different hair care products such as conditioners, tonics, treatments, and serums.

As we hold a wide collection of off-the-shelf formulations, we are able to offer our clients numerous options, based on their expectations.

2 – Rich inventory of quasi-drug formulations

We have the ability to produce quasi-drug formulations for hair care products as well as skincare products.

Although quasi-drugs are more of a local thing and not often demanded by our clients overseas, they do tend to technically advanced formulations with high efficacy.

3 – We are eager to take smaller quantities

As we understand the risks to start a new business and create a new brand, we do our best to offer our help to those who want to start with small quantities.

Since we have been a company that has always had clients who start and continue with small quantities, we have the flexibility and means to offer a wide range of products at reasonable costs.


In this article, we tried to explain the general lines of shampoo OEM production in Japan, then moved on to introduce 3 points why we think we could be a good fit for your business.

Please feel free to contact us regarding any hair care products via the button below.



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