3 Key Points of Choosing Your Supplement OEM Partner

We get quite a few inquiries from clients who want to create their own supplements but don’t know where to start.

We also receive inquiries from people who already have their supplement products in the market, but want to change their manufacturer to a different one for variable reasons.

In this article, we will be trying to explain supplement OEM in Japan, on 3 different topics:

  • Overview of Supplement OEM in Japan
  • 3 Key Points of Choosing Your OEM
  • Cost of Supplement OEM in Japan

In the end, we would also like to talk about our strengths as an OEM partner.

Supplement OEM in Japan

The word supplement in Japan has no technical boundaries dedicated by any official authorities, and it is used by people for any sort of nutritional, dietary, and beauty products in the shape of powder, capsule, tablets, and liquid.

As we are a cosmetic OEM company, our main focus will be on beauty supplements. As for the rest of the world, the demand for supplements has been showing constant growth in Japan as well.

It is quite common to see beauty and health supplements at any convenience store from brands such as DHC. Although smaller brands have it more difficult to get their products on the shelves of physical stores, they show a strong presence in online shopping channels as Amazon Japan is full of different types of supplements from countless different brands and manufacturers.

3 Key Points of Choosing Your OEM

These are the 3 key points that we think you should always keep in mind while looking for your Japanese supplement OEM supplier:

3 Key Points
  • Their MOQ
  • Their experience in supplement manufacturing
  • Their inventory of ingredients

Their Minimum Order Quantity

One of the most important points in cosmetic and supplement OEM is, the minimum quantity you are able to order.

Producing in large volumes enables companies to keep costs per unit at low levels. Producing in small volumes, on the other hand, come with much lower risk and initial cost.

For companies that are already experienced in the market and confident in their sales channels, we recommend increasing the volume to keep the costs per unit as low as possible. However, the majority of the inquiries we get are from first-timers who want to start small and see how it works out before making huge sums of investments and keeping massive inventories.

In case you fit this profile, we recommend you ask the MOQ of the manufacturer you negotiate with, as this varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

In Japan, the MOQ of the supplements is generally set based on the number of capsules/tablets.

60,000 capsules is usually on the lower side of MOQs as 100,000 is more common. With a simple calculation, in the case of a 30-pack, this would require 2,000 finished products or 1,000 in the case of a 60-pack.

Their experience in supplement manufacturing

As beauty supplements are relatively a new concept, the level of experience is often lower than that of cosmetics. In Japan, supplement manufacturers do not specialize in beauty products. They are often companies that have been in the supplement manufacturing business for decades and implemented beauty products in their portfolios in recent years.

We think it is important to ask about their experience not only in supplement manufacturing but also specifically in beauty supplement manufacturing.

Their inventory of ingredients

There are many different kinds of ingredients and raw materials in the sector and it is unrealistic to expect each manufacturer to hold an inventory of every single one of them. They often hold stocks of the most popular ingredients that they can use in various products for various clients.

Some factories, however, tend to be more lacking than others in this field. If the company does not seem to have most of the ingredients you desire, then it will be hard to work it.

However, if they only lack some of them -which is very expected-, you should ask if they let you supply those raw materials instead. Some companies will also be willing to procure the raw materials on behalf of you and store them for the next batches.

Cost of Supplement OEM in Japan

The cost of supplements depends a lot on the packaging and ingredients that are used. We believe our automatic quotation tool will give you a somewhat accurate idea of the cost of supplement OEM in Japan.

Automatic Quotation Tool

Please feel free to submit an inquiry for anything you may like to ask.

Why Choose Us as Your Partner?

We believe we have 3 strengths as a supplement OEM partner:

Our Strengths
  • Ability to choose from a wide variety of ingredients
  • Consultation from industry professionals
  • Low MOQ

Ability to choose from a wide variety of ingredients

Being a fabless manufacturer allows us to choose the manufacturing facility that suits your product best. As well as making sure we can provide as many ingredients you want as possible, we are eager to work hard to procure the rest. We are also open to accepting your ingredients as long as you are able to provide basic documentation regarding the product’s safety and suitability.

Consultation from industry professionals

For clients who are new in the industry and seek guidance, we do our best to provide useful information from our staff who have years of experience in marketing private brands in Japan.

It is also our strength that we have over a decade of export experience to more than 10 countries which enables us to give advice regarding not only for the domestic market but also overseas.


Although supplement OEM requires higher lots than skincare products, we manage to provide a smaller MOQ than the industry standard in Japan.

Our MOQ for supplements is 60,000 tablets/capsules which is significantly lower than the industry standard 100,000.


In this article, we discussed the details of supplement OEM in Japan and then moved on to explain the 3 key points we think you should consider when choosing your OEM partner.

We appreciate any kind of feedback or inquiries coming from you. Please feel free to click on the button below and reach out to us.



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