What are private label oral care products? Explanation.

I want to create my own private label oral care products!
What kind of choices do we have for private label oral care products?
Is private label oral care products are hard for small business?

Daily, we can’t live without oral care products such as toothpaste, mouthwash, etc.
I believe that “teeth” is quite important because a lot of people do watch your teeth when they are talking and actually having clean teeth can bring a good impression about yourself.
Also, due to the pandemic for the past 3 years, the demand for oral care products is increasing and maybe it’s a good time to start.
In this article, I will explain what exactly “oral care products” are and let me share some tips to choose manufacturers.

Is there a demand for private label oral care products

Currently, as I mentioned in the first paragraph, the demand for oral care products is increasing. Oral care products are something that people must use, and do you know that taking care of your teeth is also good for your health?

Whietning is not only important for teeth

When we think about “clean teeth” I think a lot of think immediately think of “white teeth”. However, whitening is not the only one, there are more.

  1. ・Clean mouth
    ・Healthy white teeth
    ・Well-aligned teeth
    ・Good bite
    ・No cavities
    ・Pink and clean gums

In order to have these, it may be necessary to do various things, such as brushing teeth thoroughly without leaving any leftover food, avoiding stains on teeth, and correcting the alignment of teeth.

I believe that there are “oral care” and “dental care” and haven’t you ever wondered about the differences?
Oral care means oral hygiene and refers to the entire oral care that cleans not only the teeth and gums but also the entire mouth to prevent and treat cavities, gum disease, and bad breath.

Oral care is not only for maintaining good oral health, but also for maintaining good general health, because oral diseases are related to general health, such as headaches due to poor oral health and tooth decay, and periodontal disease bacteria can be a factor in the development of heart disease, etc.
It seems hard to see the connection between teeth and health problems, but there is a strong connection.

On the other side, “dental care” means taking care of teeth (including gums) to maintain dental health, such as preventing cavities, and to make teeth look beautiful, such as teeth straightening and whitening.

People see your mouth when they first met

It is said that the first facial part that determines a person’s impression is the eyes, and the second is the mouth. If the appearance of the mouth is improved by having clean teeth, it can be expected to have the effect of improving the impression one gives to others when they first met.
Therefore, maybe taking care of your teeth is quite important as taking care of your skin.

The demand for oral care is certainly increasing

As you might guess, the demand for oral care is certainly increasing during the pandemic of Covid-19.
The oral care product market has continued to expand since oral care has gained recognition as a measure to manage unwellness, and also since we had to stay home for quite a long time, we had to start taking care of our teeth by ourselves, and this could be also the reason why the sales, demand raised up.

Overall, many people seek solutions for dental problems and focus on preventive measures to maintain good oral health.

What kind of private label oral care products can we create

In this section, let me share some of the oral care products we can create as your private label. I think there are so many, but let me focus on 3 products here.


The first one is toothpaste, the most common oral care product. For example, there are for whitening, children, gums, etc.

For whitening, “Hydroxyapatite” is a common active ingredient and it is known for penetrating fine scratches on the tooth surface enamel and repairing the damage, keeping teeth smooth, shiny, and white.

For children, there are several types according to age, such as sheet type, gel type, and paste type. Also, as you can see in the market, adding flavors such as strawberry, blueberry, etc is quite common.

For gum, to prevent from having gum disease, tranexamic acid, tocopheryl acetate, and glycyrrhetinic acid is common ingredients.
In Japan, there are a lot of types of toothpaste but the popular toothpaste is the one created as a “quasi-drug”.


In Japan, based on the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, like toothpaste, mouthwashes can be also classified into cosmetics and quasi-drugs.

In the case of cosmetics, the purpose of the product is to prevent bad breath and purify the mouth and a lot of products use ethanol.

In the case of quasi-drugs, prevention of tooth decay, plaque deposition, gingivitis, and periodontal disease are the main effects and common ingredients are cetylpyridinium chloride, chlorhexidine digluconate, chlorophyllin-copper complex, etc.

I think there are two types of liquid products for oral care which are mouthwash and liquid toothpaste. The differences are when mouthwash is used for preventing breath care, to freshen your breath after brushing your teeth, to remove the oil after eating a greasy meal, liquid toothpaste is used for washing your teeth. Since it doesn’t contain abrasives, it is more gentle compared to toothpaste.


Last on is tablet products. It is quite a new type of oral care product but it is getting popular for its conveniences.

Toothpaste tablets are in tablet form and to use them, first crush the granules with your teeth, and then brush with a toothbrush wetted with water. It is used in the same way as regular toothpaste, except that the solid tablet is crushed with the teeth.

Since it’s more compact and small, it is travel-friendly and since a lot of tablet toothpaste uses paper wrapping, it is also known for being eco-friendly.

Things you need to consider to choose the best manufacturer for private label oral care products

Choosing the best manufacturer is a key to success in your business but also it is quite hard to find since there are so many.
Actually, there are a lot of things you need to check, but let me share some of them here.

Cetegory they are goop at

If you are trying to create oral care products, it is quite important to find a manufacturer that is good at making oral care products.
Each manufacturer has their strength and there are no manufacturers that are good at making every category, even “A manufacturer” is good at making skincare items, they might be not good at making toothpaste, etc.

Therefore, asking an OEM company that has a lot of partner manufacturers can be a good way to start so that you can have a lot of options.


It is important to check if the manufacturer can handle small quantity production especially if you are new to your business. Yes, a small quantity gives you a high unit price, but having a lot of stocks is also a risk so having manufacturers that can do 100pcs or 500pcs is safety material, and they are a keeper.

Support for exports

Especially, if you are a foreign customer this could be one of the most important things you need to think about.

In fact, there are some manufacturers that don’t have any knowledge or experience in exporting, so even though you have a great relationship with them, in the end, you might need to prepare every single thing by yourself, or might not even be able to proceed with your project.
Therefore, it’s important to check about this at the beginning phase.


In conclusion, I explained a brief definition of oral care and the current market situation for oral care products. Since the demand for oral care is raising and I truly believe that the demand for oral care will never go away because it is essential for our daily lives, so choosing oral care products as your first private label products isn’t a bad idea.

Finding a good manufacturer might be a hard thing to accomplish, but by following the tips I gave you, I believe that there would be more possibilities.
I hope this information could help a lot of people who are about to start their new businesses.



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