Private Label Skincare for Men: A Strategic Guide for Cosmetic Manufacturers

What is Private label skincare for men?
Why demand for private label skincare for men is increasing?
How can we start our private label skincare for men?

Recently, don’t you see a lot of skincare items for men in the stores? Many people used to think that skincare was something for women to do, but now there are so many men who take care of their skin. Men’s and women’s skin is really different so I think there are a lot of men’s skincare items from private labels.

In this article, I will explain the demand for skincare for men and some reasons why a lot of people are interested in it, and some tips for starting business to make your private label skincare for men. So, let’s get started.

Demand for private label skin care for men

In this section, I will talk about the demand for men’s skincare. There are a lot of aspects but mainly the recent world situation made a huge impact.

The demand is increasing

Recently, “gender-neutral beauty” has been attracting great attention, with male models appearing in advertisements for beauty products for women. The value of “makeup, skincare is for women” is now a thing of the past, and major beauty companies are focusing on expanding their men’s makeup and skincare product lineups, with beauty products for men showing particular excitement in the beauty market.

Also between 10s to 20s, they are also said to have a high sense of beauty due to values that emphasize diversity, such as transcending gender boundaries and choosing what suits them, and the popularity of social networking services.

Many men as well as women are using skincare products as a form of etiquette.

Impact of pandemic

The demand for skincare, makeup, and those beauty items is always high.
However, the voluntary restraint from going out due to the pandemic of Covid-19 and the disappearance of inbound demand made the cosmetic market size in Japan decrease.

Even though the whole demand for skincare was decreasing, the men’s skincare market size is not yet large compared to women’s skincare, but it has reached an all-time high.

There are a lot of reasons for this but with the Corona situation, online conferencing has become more popular, and there are indications that more men are concerned about seeing their own skin on the screen.

During this pandemic, perhaps many men are becoming more interested in investing in themselves and skin care, and became more natural things for men as well.

Demand is particularly high within the youth

Mainly young people have more interest in skincare compared to middle age men.
Most of them get skincare tips, and product information from SNS, Youtube, and the internet because it is really easy to gather and you can compare items by reading users’ comments etc.

The interesting thing is those people of middle age value packaging, and get information from the shops. It is evident that this is a well-established method of information gathering unique to the younger generation.

What kind of private label skin care for men items are popular?

In this section, I would like to focus on more about the products. I think there are a lot of types of products and maybe you are wondering which products you should go for, so let me explain it here.

The differences between men’s skincare and women’s skincare

The most of skincare items we see in the stores are mainly for women’s skin. It is maybe hard to tell the differences but the women’s and men’s skin is quite different.
When we compare men’s skin to women’s, their skin has more oil, and less moisture, and lastly shaving beard causes damage on a daily basis, so it is quite important for men to use skincare items to take care of their skin.

In view of this situation, men’s skincare is specialized for their skin type, so it is better for men to choose men’s cosmetics to improve their skin problems.

Skin care is the most in demand

We can see a lot of cosmetics for men such as BB cream, concealer or lip cream, etc. However, skincare items such as lotion, serum, cream, and sheet masks are the most popular items and they have the highest sales. This is because the skincare items are really easy to start, you can use it daily bases and you can buy them anywhere.

The most popular items are mainly face wash and lotion because we use them every single day when you take a bath or when washing your face in the morning.

Also, other care items such as hair shampoo, conditioner, and body shampoo are also popular. From this information, items that you use on a daily bases are the key items in man’s skincare market.

All-in one gel

As is true for women, if you use all skincare items such as lotion, serum, and cream, it would be quite expensive and time-consuming, and especially even though a lot of men are starting to have an interest in skincare more than before, a lot of men still want to focus on ease and this is why all-in-one gel is popular.

Also, since all you have to do is just put a gel on your face, it can reduce the burden on the skin.

Tips to start your private label skincare for men

In the last part, let me focus on the process of making private label skincare items for men.
I think there are a lot of ways to start, but this could be the basic flow.

Decide which category you are going for

Mainly there are 4 categories in men’s cosmetics: skincare, body care, men’s grooming care, and makeup, so you need to consider which category of product to launch as your brand items.

While skincare and body care products have the advantage of being easy to develop because people use them daily base as I mentioned above, they also have the disadvantage of being in a red ocean because they are a popular category.

Although the demand for grooming and make up products is limited compared to skincare and body care, it is quite necessary to carefully examine what kind of products will be caught by customers, there are few competing products in this category, so there is potential for these products to become popular brands.

Counseling with OEM companies

After clients decided above, now it’s time to make a contact to OEM companies.
There are many items that must be determined during production, such as ingredients, texture, and fragrance.

Simply fulfilling the requirements may not be enough to sell in the marketplace.
The OEM company will make proposals that incorporate a “sellable” point of view while placing the highest priority on fulfilling the requirements as much as possible.
Since they have a lot of knowledge, even though there is some stuff you don’t know, they can help you.

Test some samples

The next step is selecting raw materials based on a mutually agreed upon a proposal from the OEM company.
You can see the texture, fragrance, etc to check if it suits your requirement.

In addition to repeating prototypes until you are satisfied with the product, usually OEM companies also conduct shelf life and container tests to ensure that the customers who will actually use the product can use it safely and reliably.

Decide final formulation

The final formulation will be determined after you tested samples several times and gave feedback to the OEM companies.


Once the prototype and formulation have been finalized, a final estimate will be provided, allowing you to proceed with placing your order.


After product specifications are decided and a contract is agreed upon, manufacturing finally begins.


Today, I explain detailed information about creating private label skincare for men.
The demand for men’s skincare is increasing day by day so I think it could be a good opportunity to start your own brand but at the same time, it is really important to decide your concept.
When you struggle with deciding things since OEM companies have a lot of information about creating private label items, so contacting them can help you through this journey.

I am hoping that this article helps those people who are wondering how to start their private label brand.



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